Our Causes

Our main objective is to provide basic education and skills needed for their future, by teaching them basic knowledge in specific trade such as carpentry, wiring, welding, automobile, fishery, farming tailoring, knitting and other hand works. To raise mature, courageous, chivalrous individuals that grows up to be respectable and successful by shaping and moulding these young children with priority to responsibility.


Impart in them values of admiration and respect by showing respect allowing them to feel appreciated and valued thus ensuring them to always try for the best. This creates positive change that can be impactful and can affect them for a lifetime of good, by helping them acquire the fundamental skills needed in leading good life. Not only mentally and physically but nurturing their spirituality and faith and help them develop a stronger relationship with God.

Home for Boys

Our main objective for these boys is to nurture and to build self-esteem in a safe and caring environment.

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Home for Girls

These girls attend schools and consistently receive support, guidance and direction for their lives.

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Terminally ill Children

Due to the dread diseases these children were thrown or abandoned in the hospitals or other places. 

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Skills Training Centre

These boys once were thrown out by their loved ones thinking they are good for nothing but now

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Home for Old Folks

Most of them are being neglected or abandoned by their families due to their old age and dependability

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