About Us

It all started with 2 children but the number grew to 84 children. For the last 20 years, over 450 children have benefited

Founders/directors Pastors Jacop & Bridget David together with their children have touched the lives of hundreds of children since establishing Shepherd’s Centre Foundation a foster home for orphans and underprivileged children in the year 1993. Shepherd’s Centre Foundation is a place where rejected and neglected children are loved and cared for; where a sense of pride and self-confidences is instilled, a place that not only shelters and caters for the basic necessities but a place where differences are made one, where friendships are formed and a sense of family is restored a place to call home.




Shepherd’s Centre Foundation started off as a small foster home for a handful of children and today it has over 80 children residing in their centres located in Semenyih and Bukit Beruntung. The centre operates with the help of full-time staffs with a monthly expense of approximately RM75,000. Since 1993 Shepherd’s Centre has lovingly cared for over 600 children, who has since gone on to establish their careers in different fields. Shepherd’s Centre is registered with Selangor Welfare Council and registered with Welfare Department of Malaysia under the registration number (JKM) (No.Akta: 4128 & No. Perakuan: B/PJB KK 014/2018). As foster parents/ guardians to these children, Pastors Jacop and Bridget David ensure a caring and loving atmosphere is established, prioritizing on the principles of Christian values such as LOVE; where the children are provided beyond the fundamental basic needs of life, they are instilled with a sense of belongingness, appreciation, and acceptance. To ensure that the children under their care are molded into competent, resilient and responsible individuals, they emphasize positive reinforcement as well as promoting self-discipline and self-worth by instilling moral values and spiritual guidance.







Shepherd’s Centre Bukit Beruntung caters for non-school going boys from the age of 13 to 16 years old, where they learn basic aquaponics, fishery and basics wiring and automobile. Here we encourage their enthusiastic and curious minds by allowing them to explore and develop new skills, by trusting them to wrangle with under supervision and caution, this helps them further explore hidden talents and develop new interest in various trade areas. They are then sent to further their education in vocational training where they are certified graduates of ‘Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia’ (SKM). Over the years since 2003, Shepherd’s Centre has sent over 70 young men and 3 young ladies to Montfort Boys Town and Montfort Youth Centre where further skills and talents are developed. By the grace of God and the kindness and compassion shown by the generosity of caring individuals, Shepherd’s Centre Foundation has been a testament for love and compassion. We are proud to say that the children under our care have grown up to be capable, responsible and reliable young adults.




The Founder

Ps.Jacop David

An early education in Gopeng , Kampar, Teluk Intan and finally finished his high school in Klang. Received a Diploma in Worker’s Institute of Mechanical Engineering and worked in Inchape, Petaling Jaya as a technician. In 1982 – 1984 graduated with he graduated from Diploma in Theology from Malaysian Tamil Bible Institute. Married to Bridget and have 4 children. Since then worked in Social concern in Lumut Damar Laut, Pantai Remise in Perak. Later in 1988 -1989, worked in MTBI as a Business Manager. From 1990 – 1993 worked in Rumah Faith in Kajang as an Administrator cum supervisor. He then attended a short term course in New Zealand a foster home studies in care giving Foster Home. After returning to Malaysia, in December 1993 together with his wife Bridget, he established Shepherd’s Centre Foundation starting with 8 children. In 1994 the number of children increase to 18, then in 1996 the number elevated to 40 children and continue growing to 78 children in 1997. On the year 2000 the home began to expand further catering to 100 children and since then the home maintained their care within 100 children. Through this 17 years of operation, approximately 350 children have been fostered either in long term or in short term. Currently, the home is sheltering 87 children. Shepherd’s Centre Foundation has catered to boys and girls and also to senior citizen (till 2009). Shepherd’s Centre Foundation has established number of homes and they are Boy’s Home 1 & 2, Girls Home, Home for nursery, Home for school drop outs children which we called it as School Dropouts Centre. The home also established carpentry workshop, simple welding skills, agriculture and aquaculture. The purpose of training centres are to train these boys for skill training and later directing them to a reputable skill training institution to further educate them in their skills. Currently, the home’s project is to develop an education centre with Home Schooling Programmes. The home also took care 17 elderly senior citizen who are homeless and destitute. Mr. Jacop and his wife had the privilege of seeing their home children going to nursery right up to graduating in a reputable universities.