Shepherd's Centre Foundation believes that each child is different; to enhance children's personal growth we have separated them according to their maturity and needs. We would like to take responsibility so that they have the opportunity to grow up with a good education, as well as good mental and physical health. Our hope is that every child and individual will grow as a responsible member for their society.

Our Mission for Care

Regardless the problems they face in their families or their inability to overcome social problems. No child should ever be denied basic education, balance diet, comfortable clothes, spiritual and moral guidance, proper medical care and parental care. our efforts are to help enrich the lives of these individuals and to make a difference

Support Our Cause


We believe that with your contribution, we can increase our efforts to help and open doors for these children. Let's come together to enrich the prosperity and fulfilment for not only you, but also the needy around the world.

Our Objectives

Instill in them with values of admiration and respect by showing them respect and treating them like men allowing them to feel appreciated and valued thus ensuring them to always try for the best and to create positive change that can be impactful and can affect them for a lifetime of good, by helping them acquire the fundamental skills needed in leading good life.

A Hearty Meal


We ensure to fill each and every child's heart with the best meal and balanced diet through their daily lives

Basic Knowledge


We want every child to have the basic education and they will be able to create a better future for them as well as others

Right Guidance

Spiritual & Moral

Spiritual & moral guidance is as important as education to each child and it is part of building them to be a better person



We have regular events and activities to help enrich the lives of these individuals and to increase their social capabilities

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