Home for Boys

Better to build homes then prison

James Cook

Our home for boys is separated into three groups Boys Home 1, 2 and 3. Boys Home 1 are secondary schoolers and Boys Home 2 are primary schoolers. They normally have their group studies as well as organise their own games and competitions to keep their mental and physical fit. They receive motivational guidance to understand the meaning of life itself. Boys Home 3 has their own tuitions and games supervised by our staff. Most boys come from various situation that are placed here they may have suffered neglected, abused, poverty and broken families. There are even toddlers placed in the home for boys mostly abandoned cases. We educate them in english & hand works that are handled by our staff as well as volunteers from the Association of British Women in Malaysia (ABWM). Our main objective for these boys is to nurture and to build self-esteem. The safe and caring environment of the home helps them to regain their trust in adults.